On a surface of more than 12 hectares, Tarifa One to One Resort is located at 18 km from Tangier  city on the road  of ksar  Sghir.  Facing  the Spanish historical  city TARIFA has  been designed for both: business and  leisure  travelers in mind, offering a variety  of specialty restaurants and  meeting rooms, and  health club to complete relaxation in a  tranquil  setting.  The  Tarifa  One  to One  Resort  limited service tourist complex,  along  with its wonderful  hotel dominates the Straits  of Gibraltar  and  the amazing beach Wadi Alyan

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Al Tarifa Resort - Morocco

ROUTE DE TANGER KSAR SEGHER KM 18 TEL: 05-393333874 * FAX: 05393333870 GSM: 0661061482